MultiTrade Plan Takeoff Software

Plan Take-off Software

Take-off material quantities direct from drawings on screen with our Plan Take-off software. Produce consolidated material lists, costs and times for the project. Take-off lists can be imported into the estimating software where a professional tender and schedules of rate can be produced.

Ideal for the construction industry, it can be used for pricing all types of building works, heating ventilation and plumbing, electrical projects.

Plan Take-off removes the need to print plans and makes scale rulers redundant. Pdf plans can be imported into Plan Take-off using our free pdf extraction tool. Once imported, set the drawing size and scale, then take-off your materials. A drawing calibration feature enables unscaled drawings to be used as well. Drawings can be rescaled to suit your screen size and the fast mouse wheel zoom can be used for checking detail.

Individual items or complete kits can be entered as objects on the drawing. The objects entered on the drawing can be marked up with colour coding for quick reference of like objects. Plan Take-off enables measurement of linear runs, drops and rises, counts and areas (square or cubic). Where an area such as brick work is measured on elevations there is also a facility to remove areas within the object for windows, etc.

Projects can contain multiple plans. The plans can contain multiple sections or layers/overlays enabling the same plan to be used for different take-offs on the project.

We offer a Free Download so that you can evaluate the software before you purchase a licence. We also include Free Training Videos and Free Support providing exceptional value for money.

Plan Take-off Software Videos

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